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About XML Sitemap Generator

The XML Sitemap Generator is a free online SEO tool that you can use to generate an XML sitemap for your website. An XML sitemap is a document that lists the pages of a website to help search engines understand the organization of site content while crawling it. Sitemap XML files enable search engines to crawl websites more intelligently. Google XML Sitemaps allow webmasters to include additional details about each URL such as when it was last modified, how frequently it changes and how important it is about other pages on the site.

Why Sitemaps are Beneficial?

Having a sitemap xml file for your website has many benefits:

  1. Sitemaps notify search engines about changes to your site and help ensure that the new or modified content is crawled and indexed faster.
  2. Sitemaps help Google understand that your site is the original publisher of content. This can help you avoid duplicate content issues in case your content is syndicated on other websites.
  3. If your site is vast, sitemaps can assist in ensuring that crawlers do not overlook any of your new or recently modified content.
  4. Sitemaps are also beneficial if you have many pages that are not well linked together or if your site has few backlinks.

How to Use Our Free XML Sitemap Generator?

Using our free online sitemap generation tool is simple, and no coding experience is required. Just enter the URL of your site above, select your custom parameters and click the ‘Generate sitemap’ button. After the website sitemap generator tool finishes doing its job, you’ll be presented with the details of your sitemap. You will then need to download the XML file and then upload it to your site’s root directory. Finally, you should go to your Google Webmaster account and register your sitemap. Do the same in your Bing Webmaster account.