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About Website Value Calculator

Our Free Website Value Calculator is a nifty SEO tool to calculate website worth and determine how much money you should be paying to buy an individual website or a domain.

Whether you are an advertiser, link buyer or website owner, you’ll find great use in this website value tool. If you’re planning to buy a particular website, the website worth checker tool will help you estimate the amount those websites should cost you. As for webmasters or website owners, you can use our free website value calculator tool to compute how much you should be paying.

How to Use Website Value Calculator Tool?

The website worth calculator considers several factors when arriving at a siteprice. It takes into account a site’s reputation based on factors like some backlinks to the page, the age of the website, traffic to the web page, outbound links among other things.

You do not need any prior technical or programming skills to check website value. All it requires you to do is input the URL (you can just copy and paste) you’re checking into the website value checker tool and click submit. Unlike many other tools out there, this domain value calculator allows you to check up to 100 URLs at once; so you can use it to estimate the worth of website or cost of bulk links quickly.