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About Website Page Speed Checker

Website Page Speed Checker is a free tool that you can use to analyze the loading speed of your web page. With this excellent tool, you’ll be able to gain crucial insight on how fast your web page loads.

Why Your Page Speed Matters?

Page speed is a crucial part of any website’s user experience. Due to the nature of the internet, many people have a short attention span when browsing.  People are usually impatient, and there exist many distractions online; so, website visitors care about speed. Users want to find exactly what they are looking for in the shortest time possible. If your web page takes too long to load, you will lose a lot of visitors and potential customers which could hurt your bottom-line. Studies have shown that slow loading pages usually have higher bounce rates, lower average time on page, as well as low conversation rates.

Besides, nowadays Google considers page speed when ranking pages. A web page that takes longer to load will most likely rank lower in the search engine result pages. Some things that could slow down your page speed include large unoptimized images, embedded videos, slow server response times, large uncompressed files, and JavaScript and CSS files above the fold.

How to Use Check Website Page Speed?

Once you provide the page speed tool with your URL, it will analyze the contents of your web page and generate a report that will give you an overview of how the page loads. You will be able to see the time was taken to load your page as well as the number of CSS links, script links, image links and any other resources that load on your page. 

Additionally, our website page speed checker will show you how many seconds it takes to load each element on your page. This will help you identify exactly what might be slowing down your web page.