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About Website IP Address Lookup

The Website IP Address Lookup tool is a helpful SEO tool that allows you to find out which web hosting company is hosting a particular website. With this IP address lookup tool, you will be able to search your hosting options by drawing upon similar sites and get site IP. This hostname to IP tool will help you make an educated decision when buying hosting for your site. For instance, you might know some peer websites in your industry that run smoothly and receive millions of visits each month. Thus, it would be wise of you to go with one of their hosting companies because their servers have shown they can handle such massive amounts of traffic comfortably.

Additionally, the domain name to IP tool can help you when you want to report a problematic site to the respective host or fill a DMCA complaint in cases of copyright infringement and so on.

How to Use Website IP Address Lookup Tool and Find Domain Hosting?

While other channels like searching a WHOIS database or contacting the owner of a site and asking where they get their hosting from can be annoying and time-consuming, our IP checker tool is super easy to use and provides accurate results within seconds.

Once you provide the IP checker tool with a given URL, it will perform a DNS look up and give you a clear and concise answer in a jiffy. Besides the name of the hosting provider, you will also be presented with the IP address of website.

So, whether you’re looking for a better host but first want to know what hosting companies similar sites in your field are using, or you are investigating a particular website; this domain host lookup tool or IP Address lookup tool will come handy. Just enter the address of the site in the field above and the hostname to IP tool will help you find out who the hosting provider is.