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About Website Broken Links Checker

Website Broken Link Checker is a free SEO tool that finds dead links on your website or blog. With broken link finder tool, you will not have to search manually through your site or blog for dead links. It makes it easy for you to detect and clean those bad web links on your site.

Why Broken Links Are Bad For a Website?

Many things could lead to broken links on your site. Maybe the site you linked to is permanently unavailable, or maybe the referenced web page has been erased, or its URL has been modified.

Whatever the cause, you do not want broken links on your website or blog. Whenever a visitor clicks on a link on your site expecting to arrive somewhere, but instead they see a 404 error message, it leads to a bad user experience. This can damage your online reputation as well as your search engine rankings. Granted, you might lose a lot of business opportunities when people simply can’t find what they’re looking for on your site because of dead links.

Thankfully, our free broken link checker tool is there to help you quickly correct any such flaws. Just enter your URL above and let the website tool do its job.

How to Use Website Broken Link Checker Tool?

Once you provide the website link tool with your URL, it will scan your web pages and identify any invalid links. Our free broken links checker will validate both internal and external links. This means you will be able to discover any issues with links pointing inside your site, or those going to outside websites. After the tool finishes processing your request, you will be presented with a table showing the URLs discovered on your site or blog along with their status.