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About Spider Simulator

Wondering what your website looks like in the eyes of search engines? Just like the name suggests, the Search Engine Spider Simulator is a helpful and free SEO tool that simulates search engines by presenting the contents of a web page in the same way a search engine crawler would view it when it visits the page.

Search engines or search spiders view web pages differently when compared to humans. Unlike you (or your website visitors), search engine spiders cannot read particular types of website content like Flash, JavaScript, images and Frames. Since these crawlers determine whether or not humans will find your site in search engines, it is worth seeing how they view your web page.

How to Use Our Free Search Simulator?

Once you run your website through the search engine spider simulator, you’ll discover what content search engine spiders can see when they crawl your page. The tool will present your information such as:

  1. Meta content: - meta title, meta description and meta keywords.
  2. Heading tags:- i.e. h1 to h4 tags.
  3. Indexable links:- i.e. links that will be followed by search engine crawlers.
  4. Rreadable text content.
  5. And the page’s source code.

Looking at your website through the “eyes” of SEO Spider can help you discover and rectify web design issues that could otherwise impact the visibility of your site in search.

For example, you should avoid buying your keywords in animation or creating pages with only flash and images and no text. When using images, a recommended SEO best practice is to include meaningful descriptions of the image in the ALT attribute. Additionally, you can use ALT text for Flash to help search engines understand what your content is about.