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About Reverse IP Domain Check

The Reverse IP Domain Check is a useful IP lookup tool that will help you discover which other sites share the same web server or IP address with your domain. If you are using shared hosting services, it means your website is hosted on the same server with other websites. In this case, knowing your neighbours is vital especially if SEO and appearing on the first page of search engine results is important to you.

Why Should You Care About Whom You Share Your IP Address With?

One risk that comes with sharing the same server with other domains is that if there are problematic websites or suspicious sites containing malicious content, the search engine rankings of the other sites on that server will be affected as well. This means that even though your website might not contain any suspicious content, you face a risk just by sharing the same IP address with sites that have been blacklisted by search engines.

Besides, you also face the risk of being blocked by IP-based filtering tools that are usually used by governments, Internet service providers, libraries, schools, etc. This typically occurs when a single website containing some form of suspicious content is blocked by its IP address, resulting in all other sites being hosted on that same IP address being blocked as well regardless of their content.

How to Use Reverse IP Domain Lookup Tool?

Now that you know the potential risks, use our Reverse IP Domain Check tool to identify which other websites share same IP address with your domain. To avoid any of the possible hazards with IP sharing, it’s advisable to acquire a unique IP address for your domain.

After you enter your URL above and click submit, the reverse IP lookup tool will search the web for other websites that are hosted on that same web server. You will then be presented with a list of domain names that are associated with your IP address.