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About Website Pagespeed Insights Checker

Google Page Speed Insights Checker is a valuable tool that analyzes the performance of a web page. Based on Google’s Page Speed Insights, this tool measures how a page can improve its speed by considering various aspects of page performance such as HTML structure and use of external resources like JavaScript, CSS, and images.

Why Page Speed Matters?

On the internet, people have an unusually short attention span. Not only are people impatient, but there are many distractions on the web. Therefore, as a webmaster or website owner, you should make it easier and faster for your visitors to find what they’re looking for by implementing the suggestions by the Google Page Speed Insights Checker. Studies have shown that page loading time can have a significant impact on conversions and your bottom line.

A slow loading website results of poor user experience and high bounce rates which can make you lose potential customers. Besides, search engines like Google consider speed when ranking web pages so boost you on page SEO by ensuring your site loads fast.

How to Use Free Website Page Speed Insights Checker Tool?

Once you submit your URL, the website page speed checker tool will analyze the content of your website and present valuable information concerning its speed along with suggestions to make that page faster. The data you get from this page speed tool include:

  • Page Speed Score: – This is a number ranging from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the better a page is performing. Ideally, you should aim for a score of 85 or above.
  • Page Code Analysis: – The Page Speed Checker will analyze the code of your web page and show you what aspects are affecting your performance. You’ll get a pie chart displaying your use of JavaScript, images, CSS, HTML and other resources.
  • Page Optimization Suggestions: – After identifying the issues affecting your site’s speed, our website pagespeed test tool offers suggestions to improve its relative performance. Implementing these ideas will make your page and website fast.