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About Online Md5 Generator

The online MD5 Generator is a fast, free online tool that you can use to quickly create an MD5 hash from a string. The tool provides a quick and easy way to ensure the data integrity of your files – by comparing the hash of a source file with that of a destination file, you can verify to make sure that the files sent over the internet are intact and unmodified.

To use the MD5 generator online, just enter your string in the text box above. Our tool will then take your given text and compute its corresponding MD5 hash value for you.

What is the MD5 Hash?

The MD5, which stands for ‘Message Digest Algorithm 5’, is a type of cryptographic hash function that can take up random data/ strings as input and compute a fixed size hash value as the output. The algorithm was invented in 1991 by Professor Robert Rivest, a celebrated cryptographer, and is now widely used to control data integrity on the internet.

The MD5 checksum works like a fingerprint of a file, which means there is a tiny possibility of two different files getting two identical hashes – the hash for every file is unique irrespective of the file type or size. This feature makes the MD5 encyrption useful for uniquely identifying a file. For instance, if you have two huge similar files and want to know they’re different, you can just generate the MD5 hashes for the files and compare them. If the hash for both files match, then it means the files are identical. Otherwise, if the hashes are different, then it means the files are different.

MD5 Hashes are commonly used by programmers to encode passwords, credit card info and other sensitive data in databases such as MYSQL and Postgres.