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About Meta Tags Analyzer

Meta Tags Analyzer is an online tool that you can use to examine your website's meta tags and ensure they conform with search engine recommendations. Using this free tool, you can check to see whether your titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords are in place.

What Are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are web page elements that describe the contents of a particular page. They provide search engines with information about a website and are also used by internet browsers to understand how to display a page’s content. To help search engines better understand your site, it is recommended that you include meta tags, meta titles and meta descriptions.

How to Use the Meta Tags Analyzer?

Using our free meta tags analyzer tool is easy. To get started, all you need to do is to enter your domain name in the form above and click the submit button. In a matter of seconds, your results will display showing the page URL, the meta title, meta description and meta keywords:

  • Page URL – This is the web address of the page whose meta tags are analyzed
  • Meta Title – This refers to the title of the web page. This is the most important element and is usually shown as a clickable link in search engine result pages. You can include your primary keyword in the title tag, but you must ensure every page has a unique title.
  • Meta Description – This a short description of the web page and is often used as part of the snippet shown in search engine results.
  • Meta keywords – Although many search engines have devalued keyword tags in their ranking procedures, you can still include relevant meta keywords to reflect the words or phrases used by searchers.