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About Keyword Density Checker

The Keyword Density Checker is a free online keyword density analyzer tool that enables you to analyze the keyword distribution on a web page. Using this nifty tool, you can easily do a keyword density analysis of your existing web pages or even analyze your competitors. You can find out the number of times a keyword is used on your web pages and avoid over optimization, under optimization and keyword stuffing which might impact your page’s performance in search engines.

Why Should You Use Keyword Density Checker Tool?

Used with the right strategies, the free Keyword Density Checker toolcan be quite useful. The tool can help you discover a lot of opportunities and gain a competitive advantage:

  • You can use this tool to analyze your competitor sites and see some good keywords that you can incorporate in your content pages.
  • If you are outsourcing your content, this tool can help you determine if your writer is using excessive repetition or writing naturally.
  • Additionally, you can use the tool to see how your page compares with the top ranked pages in your niche.

Finally, to avoid keyword stuffing, you can make use of synonyms to avoid too much repetition of particular words. While you can still include relevant keywords and phrases, make sure your content reads with a natural flow.

How to use Keyword Density Checker Tool?

Our keyword density tool calculates keyword density by dividing the number of times a word or phrase is used in a web page by the total number of words on that page and multiplying this by 100.

You do not need any specialized computing skills to use this tool. To get started, just enter your URL in the form above and then click submit. The free keyword density checker tool will process your request in a matter of seconds and display your results showing the total number of keywords found on the page, the actual number of times a word is used and the keyword density as a percentage. Your results will display starting with the most frequently used keywords at the top.