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About HTML Code Viewer

As the name suggests, HTML Source Code Viewer is a free tool that allows you easily view the source code of a web page. Using this simple yet effective web page source code viewer, you can see the HTML source code of the website and learn more about a page. To use this online HTML Viewer tool, just enter the URL of a web page above and click the Get Source Code button. Once you can view the website source code of a page, you can then search for things in it to find out more about the page. To help you quickly scan the Html source code for essential elements, you can use commands like CTRL+F.

Benefits of Our HTML Code Viewer

By using website source code viewer, you can discover useful information about that page. For instance:

  • You can see how features of that web page work.
  • Discover how the page is structured and scripted.
  • Learn about your competition and what they’re doing. See if your competitors are using any tricks.
  • You can also use this tool to see the source code of web pages that use redirection.
  • If you are link building, viewing the source code of a web page can help you see whether or not your backlinks are passing link juice. Check to find out if your backlinks have the nofollow attribute in them. If they do, then it means they aren’t passing link juice.
  • Also, if a particular website won’t let you view page source using other techniques like web browser keyboard commands, this tool will display the code for you.

Regarding SEO, make sure that you have title tags with relevant keywords in your source code. Furthermore, you can check your meta descriptions, H1 headings, img alt tags, and verify that your analytics is installed correctly.