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About Google Malware Checker

The Google Malware Checker tool is an online website malware scanner tool that helps you find out whether or not Google has listed a website domain as dangerous to visit. Using this tool, you can check Google safe browsing site status.

How to Use the Google Malware Checker?

Using the Google safe browsing scanner is straightforward and quick; you do not need to install any software or create an account.

  1. Just enter the URL of the site you would like to check malware for in the box above and click submit.
  2. You’ll be redirected to Google’s Transparency Report page where you can see the Safe Browsing Site Status of your website.
  3. If your site contains no malicious content, its current status will show as "Not Dangerous". Additionally, Google will show you when it last updated the information about your website.

How to Secure Your Website from Malware?

There are many potential threats online that could hurt your reputation and cause you significant losses if not secured against. Potential threats include phishing – defrauding of sensitive information such as usernames, passwords &financial details by posing as a legitimate company, and virus infections.

Using our free Google Malware Checker tool, you can search to confirm your website is not dangerous to visit and make sure it’s not compromised.

Note that when Google detects unsafe websites, it shows warnings in web browsers and on Google Search. If this happens to your site, it will scare away visitors from browsing your site.

If your website allows user generated content, some users might post bad content which might trigger alarm bells in Google Safe Browsing service. In that case, Google recommends you clean up the bad content. And in the case your website is hacked, Google malware checker suggests you clean up the site and then request a review.