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About Google Index Checker

The Google Index Checker is our free online tool that allows you to see how many web pages of your domain is indexed by Google bots. Google index is the name given to the database that Google uses to store information on all the websites it can find. Google regularly updates its index. If your site is not in this Google index site database, then users will not be able to find it through Google search. To use our Google Index Checker tool, just enter your domain’s URL above and click the submit button. After checking your website in Google index database, the tool will display the number of pages that Google has indexed from your domain.

Why Google Index Matters

When people use Google, they only search Google’s index of the web and not the entire web as is the common misconception. Since Google is a giant search engine, it stores billions of web pages in its index. Then when someone submit websites to Google, the search engine’s algorithm will rank the most relevant results from its index to match the user’s query.

So, to have your website rank within Google, you must have your site indexed in Google. No matter the elegance or quality of information on your site, if you don’t have your URLs within Google index, your pages will not appear in Google search results.

Some great ways to get Google to index your website or blog quickly include:

  • Create a sitemap and submit URL to Google. Furthermore, you can use the Sitemap to tell Google how often to check back for changes on your pages.
  • Submitting your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Getting links to your website that the Google spider can follow to discover your pages.