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About Google Cache Search Tool

Every time Google crawl your website via their spider, they accumulate a previously viewed copy in their cache. The Google Cache Search Checker Tool will provide you lets you see if Google has cached the latest copy of your web page or not. It also lets you know the last time their content was modified. These Google Cached pages are used by Google to fulfill any search query about your content topic.

One of the best ways to achieve high ranking in Google search results is to publish fresh and original content. But then again, a question arises: How do we know whether Google knows about our website? And how do we check if our website has been crawled by Google? The answer to these questions is the Google Cache Search Checker Tool by Zen SEO Tools. Whenever Googlebot crawl a site, it captures a snapshot of all the web pages and stores them as a backup. Google used this cached version to match with the searched keyword or phrase. A link to the cached version of each website is included with every search result. This feature comes in very handy if a site is facing some technical issues and can’t be reached at that moment.

How to Use Google Cache Search Tool?

The Google Cache Checker Tool by lets the site owner know how frequently Google stores their website’s cache. Once you enter the URL of your site in the box, our tool promptly displays the results in the form of an easy to read chart that shows you the exact date and time when the Google crawlers last screened the site. In case your site’s cached version doesn’t show, it means either your website was penalized, or Google cannot crawl your site. Either way, you need to take immediate steps.

Our Google Cache search tool gives accurate results in a jiffy! You can search Google Cache free of cost, examine up to 20 sites at a time without worrying about registration or signup.