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About Free Online Plagiarism Checker

The Free online Plagiarism Checker is a free tool that detects duplicate content. Useful to search engine optimization professionals, teachers, students, scholars as well as professional writers, the tool allows you to tell easily whether or not a piece of writing has been copied from someone else’s work.

Why Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tool is Important?

If you are a webmaster or search engine optimization professional, you most likely want to rank higher in search engine result pages and generate relevant traffic from Google and the other search engines. You, therefore, need to make sure to check for plagiraism since the heavily duplicated content will be blacklisted and won’t rank high in search engines.

Besides search engine optimization, there are some great uses for this excellent online plagirism checker tool. For instance, teachers can use the plagiarism detector tool to make sure students are submitting work that is 100% original and unique. On the other hand, students and scholars can use the plagiarism checker to see if their papers include the correct citations.

How to Use Free Plagiarism Checker Online?

To use our free online plagiarism checker, just copy and paste your piece of content in the box above and then click on the button that says “Check for Plagiarism.” The tool will then carefully scan your article and the World Wide Web to see if there are any sentences in your article that have been copied from the internet. 

When the test is done by duplicate content checker, you’ll be presented with your results showing the uniqueness of your phrases or sentences. Phrases or sentences that are original will be marked in green, meaning they are right or unique. On the other hand, phrases or sentences that are marked in red already exist on the internet and will most likely be considered duplicate content by Google and other search engines. The tool will also give you an exact percentage showing how unique your piece of writing is.