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About Domain to IP Converter

The Domain to IP converter tool is a free online program that allows you to convert a host or domain name to IP address as well as discover the domain’s geo-location information. Just enter a domain name and submit to turn it into the website IP address of the server on which it’s hosted. Using this tool, you can find out the IP address of any domain you submit, the country in which its hosting server is located, as well as the internet service provider (ISP) that hosts the domain.

How Domain to IP Tool Works?

Using this domain name to IP tool is easy and does not require any specialized knowledge of domains, servers or web hosting. To get started:

  • Simply enter a URL or domain name in the field above and click "Submit" to get IP address of website. 
  • Our servers will look up the website IP address of your domain by searching the Domain Name Servers until a match on your domain is found – a process known as DNS look up.
  • After processing your request, the tool will then display a table with your domain’s IP address, country in which the server is located and the ISP. 

Since our domain to IP address Converter tool is fast and accurate, it only takes it few seconds to provide you complete details about your domain’s IP address. With the help of this domain check tool, the domain IP lookup process has been made super easy. Unlike in the past where webmasters had to use the command prompt to get the IP address of a website, all you need to do now is only to submit your domain name above and domain to IP tool fetch the details for you while you focus on more important things involved in running your business or website.