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About Domain IP Blacklist Check

The IP Blacklist Check Tool is a helpful SEO tool that allows you to check and see whether or not your IP address is listed in spam database servers. With this tool, you’ll be able to find out if your domain is on a spam blacklist which could explain why your emails and forum chats are blocked.

What Happens When Your Domain or IP Address is Spam Blacklisted?

Most email providers use email blacklists to help fight spam. So, if your mail server is spam blacklisted in one of the spam databases, some of the emails you send from your domain may not get delivered. Your domain or IP address might have been flagged for some reason and gotten blocked by some internet service providers and web servers. Maybe your IP address was previously assigned to someone who got blacklisted after showing activity that resembles spammers. 

Apparently, if you’re deemed to be involved in spamming and other malicious online behavior, your IP address could get listed in spam list servers and be blocked. Most of the spam database servers look at actions such as unusual volume patterns, complaints, and emails sent to unknown users and spam traps. Because of such behaviors, some IP addresses are considered spam by email filters, mailbox providers, individual email users and are blacklisted.

How to Check IP Blacklist?

After submitting your URL, the domain blacklist check tool will search through the spam databases and present you with a table showing the address of the spam database along with the status of your domain in spam list. You will be able to know whether your domain is listed in any of the databases or not with IP Blacklist check tool. Additionally, you will be shown what your IP address is and the overall status of your domain.

With our domain or IP blacklist checking tool, you can now easily know whether or not your IP address is safe. Just enter your URL in the field above and click to check the spam list.