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About Domain Age Checker

Want to determine the age of any website? This Domain Age Checker is a useful free online tool that lets you quickly and easily check domain age; whether your own or your competitor's. With this domain age tool, you can find out when a particular domain was created, when it was last updated and its expected expiry date.

Here is a breakdown of what you’ll get with our tool:-

  • Domain Age – You can see how long ago a domain was registered.
  • Domain Created Date – This is the exact date the domain was registered.
  • Domain Updated Date – This is the date the domain was last updated.
  • Domain Expiry Date – This the date the domain is expected to expire.

Why Domain Age Matters?

Domain age is a useful metric for search engine optimization purposes, online business, marketing, and advertising among others. Search engines consider the age of a domain when ranking websites as well. Regarding search engine rankings, older domains are usually more likely to rank higher than newer domains. The reason for this is because domains that have been there for longer will usually have more internet hits, many backlinks pointing back to them and more web authority. You can also use this domain age checker tool to gauge how successful an individual business has been. A business that has been there for long is most likely successful in what it does.

Additionally, if you’re looking to acquire backlinks for your website, you might want to consider the domain age of your link sources. This is because backlinks from old domains with good authority will have a better impact on your website rankings.

Our Domain Age Checker tool is completely free, and no registration is required. Just enter your URL above and click Get Domain Age to find domain age fast and efficiently.