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About DNS Lookup Tool

DNS Lookup Tool is a free online tool that has been designed to help you find nameservers, their configuration and health of your Domain. Using DNS Lookup Tool, you can check which DNS servers are used by your domain name, look for errors and verify that your domain name has been configured correctly.

Among other information, our tool can help you find records similar to the following:

  • Host – This refers to the fully qualified domain name of the name associated with the DNS records.
  • DNS Class – This refers to the class of DNS data. The class IN (IN stands for the internet) is usually used for records involving internet hostnames, servers, IP addresses.
  • Ttl – This stands for ‘Time to live’ and is measured in seconds. Refers to the maximum time that IP data can exist in an internet system before being discarded. Help prevent situations whereby undeliverable data keeps circulating in an internet system.
  • Type – This refers to the type of DNS records and indicates the format of the data plus its intended use. For instance, the MX record specifies which mail server is used to handle the domain’s mail, the NS record states the name servers that can respond to lookup requests in that DNS zone, and the A record translates from domain names to IPv4 addresses.
  • IP – This is the IP address associated with the domain name.

Why is DNS Important?

The DNS is a database that works much like a phone book for the web. When you know a person’s name but don’t know their phone number, you can simply look it up in a directory. Similarly, DNS makes it easy for ordinary people to get to websites by using human-readable domain names such as ‘www.example.com’ instead of having to memorize the complex IP addresses used by computers.