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About Bulk Page Authority Checker

The only way a Page Authority checker tool differs from a domain authority checker is that while the latter tells you the strength of your website’s presence on the internet, the former tool lets you know about the strength of individual page of your site. This can help you get a clearer idea which page is your strength and which web page needs to be improved to increase the score.

How to Check Page Authority?

Our Page authority checking tool lets you check the online strength of 20 web pages at a time. Just enter the exact URL of a given web page (and not the homepage URL) and click on the “submit” button. Within seconds, this free-for-all tool from ZenSEOTools will tell you the score of each web page. Just like in domain authority checker, the web page strength is also calculated out of a score of 100. A score of 20 authority points or below means a weak presence while a score of 90 authority points or higher means a strong prominence.